About Ceylon Authentic Products (PVT) Ltd.

Ceylon Authentic Products (Pvt ) Limited was established in 2001 with the prominent brand name “Lotus_Ceylon mainly to cater to the export market. Our products are made with a very special old recipe with modern technology under hygienic conditions & supervised by a veteran who is in the trade for over more than two decades. We follow unparallel quality control practices and standard parameters during the stages of raw material selection, manufacturing, packing, storing and distribution. It proves that our fullest effort goes to preserving the quality of the food products and we are maintaining the highest quality standards for our beloved customers.  Our new factory is specially designed to comply with the international food standards & regulations and equipped with high tech machinery to ensure the product quality to the highest standard. Presently we export our Products to UAE, South Korea , Japan & Australia.

Our Values


Be open and transparent in our approach to our customers, supplying partners, employees, and the public who are an integral part of our business.


We make every effort to achieve the best standards to deliver the promise to our stakeholders.

Business Excellence

Our key goal is to provide the best products to our customers and consumers. We believe that e our carefully sourced products can only be converted to the best satisfaction to our valued customers.


Our focus is on providing end-to-end customer needs of both current and latent. With a view to improving customer satisfaction, we have always placed high importance on product knowledge. We strive to ensure that our customers are provided with product information that will assist in generating the best value for their money. We also believe that providing excellent customer service ensures that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind our products.

Corporate Social responsibility

We are well responsive to the business stakeholders’ legal, ethical, social, and environmental expectations.

Managing Director’s Message

Ceylon Authentic (PVT) Ltd began to flourish in its industry”

Progress has never been a miracle for me. It has always been a far-off reality, and after one obstacle is overcome, another one is always awaiting to be overcome. Ceylon Authentic (Pvt.) Ltd. began to flourish in its industry, but like every entrepreneur who never gives up on their ambition, I always hoped to take this business to even greater heights. Today, as Sri Lanka is exploring exports markets than never before, a variety of sectors are experiencing expansion, each of which needs infrastructure developments to maintain the growth. This also applies to the agricultural industry. Food security is of utmost importance to the country given the challenges it brings on its own as well as the opportunities attached to it with perfect execution of food safety and quality practices. The team at Ceylon Authentic (Pvt) Ltd is dedicated to contributing significantly in this area. I’ve always thought of my company as a unit that more than just a worldwide participant, could change the world with its high-quality, reasonably priced goods. Through dedication and the expertise of my excellent team, I may have been able to advance Ceylon Lotus to a new level of international recognition. The adventure never comes to an end. However, I am confident that the business will continue to achieve excellent milestones for years to come with the combination of my committed team and ever-growing clientele.