The history of tea is extensive and fascinating. People have used tea’s medicinal uses for hundreds of years. Tea drinking became more popular as more and more tea cups were found. All of this helped to make tea one of the most prestigious beverages in the world. Regardless of how you prepare it, the authentic black tea provided by Ceylon Authentic (Pvt.) Ltd. gives you the chance to enjoy a good hot tea. It is normal to bring the water to a boil and then let the tea steep for a while before adding any other ingredients, like sugar or lemon. Tea bags, an American innovation that contains just the proper amount to be boiled for one tea and so makes your work of preparation easier, make this process simpler. Sri Lankan tea exporters are experts in enhancing the value of both loose tea and tea bags with various infusions. We ship tea in bulk in three-layer tea sacks, or variations of 5kg to 25kg, as well as a large selection of value-added teas in retail packaging. To offer the finest client service, we offer reasonable rates and weekly costs dependent on the auction.

Bulk Tea

This Ceylon black tea which has a stronger flavor and is more oxidized than regular oolongs, green teas or white teas.

It is popular around the world for its refreshing taste and aroma. Both of which can vary depending on the blend of tea created by the professionals in the industry. All tea comes from the plant known scientifically as Camellia Sinensis and various leaves are plucked by hand.

  • Pack Sizes
    Packaging – Tea Sacks (25kg, 35Kg, 50kg, 55kg)
  • Net. Weight (Per Paper Sack) 55kg
    Container Fill up 20FCL (Palletized) 200P/S 11,000kg
    Container Fill up 40FCL (Palletized) 400P/S 22,000kg

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Value added Tea

Under the value-added tea category, we manufacture tea bags for herbal teas, flavored teas,g reen teas, and spiced tea with infusions. The tea we consumed was from a specially chosen tea category, and both its quality and hygienic standards were up to par. Modern packing facilities that we utilize provide our items with greater value. Flavoured Ceylon Tea is a popular beverage around the world that is a blend of Ceylon Tea and locally grown fruits, herbs, and spices from Sri Lanka. To improve the flavor and scent of tea, numerous mixes and types of tea have been combined with herbs, spices, and fruits. In keeping with this long-standing custom, we have developed a variety of tea flavors utilizing various flavoring techniques. For a special tea experience unlike any other, try one of our specialty tea blends.

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